Won’t let Fang Hao leave for this reason,If there is more black material in the future,Then it’s possible to let Fang Hao leave。

he knows,Wang Xiaochun will never give up like this。
Chapter Two and Three Literati
Fang Hao returned to Pengcheng。
He also knew that Wang Xiaochun would definitely not just let it go,There will be follow-up actions。
Again,I have too much black material,Just look for it seriously,Always find it。
Some black material burst out,Then no one will endorse him。
For example, the improper relationship with Shan Rou。
Even if it just broke his relationship with Ye Wenwen,Also has a relatively large influence on him。
I still have some worries in my heart。
There are not so many negative reports facing him on the Internet.,The cynicism must be inevitable。
A security guard suddenly became a best-selling author,A book of poems,Also broke the record of domestic crowdfunding products,Has been crowdfunded2200More than ten thousand yuan。
This makes many people envy and hate。
Especially those traditional writers and poets,Looking at that data,Eyes are going green。
Fang Hao is known as a writer and poet,But he didn’t mix that circle,The people in that circle do not recognize his identity。
People in that circle,Of course he will not admit the literary nature of his writing。
People in this circle did not praise each other,Then you can’t be considered a writer or a poet。