at this time,The door of the Naruto office was pushed open,Naruto and Shikamaru came in。

“Dad?Uncle Shikamaru?”
Bo Ren looked at the two people in front of him in confusion。
“Blogger,Shikamaru and I have something to ask you。”
Obviously a few days ago, I was still happy for the blogger to be Hokage,But now Naruto has a solemn expression。
“whats the matter?”
Bo people instinctively feel that something is wrong。
Naruto’s voice hasn’t finished yet,Was suddenly interrupted by the ninja in Anbe。
“Yatsushiro.Seven generations and Shikamaru-sama,This is the latest information from the country of fire。”
After the Anbe Ninja gave the information to Shikamaru,Vanished again。
“It’s the information from Sasuke。”I saw the information wrapped in a purple cover,Naruto says,“Must use a special mark to unlock,Otherwise, if you open it forcibly,Instead, Amaterasu Ninjutsu will be sealed inside,Destroy intelligence。”
After Naruto’s hands quickly seal,To safely open the intelligence scroll。
“.Shikamaru,Something happened in the country of fire!”
After reading the information in my hand,Naruto handed the information to Shikamaru,While saying。