“It should have been the three of us who took the Zhongnin exam,Will you feel at ease by relying on the mouse to pass the Chunin test?!”Izuno Wasabi said。

Que Nailei and Jian Jin looked at each other,Then nodded。
“Ok,Your three students are finally a bit conscious as ninjas,As a ninja,How can you always rely on teammates?。”
Sitting in Konoha Stadium,Hyuga Hizuka looked at the three girls on the big screen with a cane, nodded and said。
“of course,That’s my student。”
“Finally found a suitable prey.”
Hiding in the dark corner of the ruins,Mouseyou looked at the three people walking in his direction。
Not a powerful troublesome opponent,And also gathered together,You can get the scroll directly。
The opponent is the triplets from Wuyin Village,Three Smurfs,Have the same blue hair。
Shadow Doppelganger Mouse suddenly rushed out of the corner。
“Have enemies!”
The Smurf boss said。
“Everyone be careful!”
The Smurf second said。
“He is separated from his teammates!”
The Smurf third said。
The three use swordsmanship to strike the shadow clone mouse at the same time,The pinched rat turned into a white mist and disappeared。