Jiang Fan went into the bathroom,The rain and sweat just now,Already soaked him,He turns on the shower,Took a hot bath,I feel very comfortable all over。He also wrapped a bath towel,Back to the bedroom on the first floor,He just sat down,I heard a thunder on the roof。

He suddenly realized,This rain,Has been down for a while,And there is no sign of weakening,This is the main flood season,Based on past experience,Such a heavy rain in a short time,It is estimated that some areas in the urban area will have water。
Thought of here,He picked up the phone,So I called the flood control headquarters office,But the phone keeps busy,He hung up,I was wondering whether to call Bao Zhigang or Peng Changyi,the phone is ringing,The Flood Control Office called。
Jiang Fan asked directly:“How is the flood situation everywhere?”
“Secretary Jiang,it’s me,Zhigang。”
“Oh,Zhigang,You are there?”Only then did Jiang Fan hear the voice of Mayor Bao Zhigang。
Bao Zhigang said:“Yes,There are currently no major dangers in the cities and counties,The provincial defense chief said that it is possible that the upper Wanma River will discharge floods,Prepare all places along the coast,There are two dangerous sections in Fengshun in our city,In addition, the living population is relatively close to the river bank,The mayor of Changyi is worried,He took people to Fengshun for inspection。”
Jiang Fan said:“How about Huyan River in Yangxin?”
Bao Zhigang said:“Yangxin’s situation is fine,After all, the water in the Huyan River is not rising too fast,The water accumulation in our urban area is serious,Changyi, we just went around the street。”
“Still those few places?”Several places where water accumulates in the city have a long history。
“Yes。”Bao Zhigang said。
“This problem must be solved in our urban construction in the second half of the year!”Jiang Fan said as if he was angry with someone。
“Yes,Eyebrow to flood season,The people’s grievances are great。”Bao Zhigang added。
Jiang Fan asked about the duty situation again,Hung up。
After he hung up,Looked at the watch,It’s late,Peng Changyi went to Fengshun,In other words, he put Shu Qing down alone,It’s better for them to stay in the hotel,If you are still in Zou Zijie’s garden,,A girl,It’s another thunderstorm night,I’m afraid she will be scared。
This Peng Changyi really can afford anything!
Thinking like this,He dialed Peng Changyi’s number。
Peng Changyi connected and said:“Secretary Jiang,Hello。”