She was so angry,Point to Ouyang Shuo and ask:“Which one of your eyes saw me talking to Ouyang Yan?You almost got it,Don’t go too far,My lady has a temper too。”Her thankless job,I really don’t want to do it。

If not for the end,,She won’t let go of her attitude。Good now,What’s busy after busy,What is this!
“No purpose,Why would you appear in Yunlai Restaurant in disguise,Waiting for the opportunity to approach King Li?Others can’t see,Don’t you want to hide from my eyes。”
“Am I so scumbag in your heart?”Sang Qingrou laughed at herself twice,She didn’t even know that her mind was so deep。
“Not scum,Is vicious。This king has reminded you,Don’t have thoughts that you shouldn’t have,You don’t remember。”
Sang Qingrou was almost vomited to death,Don’t want to argue with this ice cube face anymore,She patted Ouyang Yan。
“Say it yourself,What did i design you?Send things,Make an appointment to meet,Did you propose it yourself?”
Ouyang Shuo actually said:“A little trick,Isn’t this the trick your Miss Sang did the most slippery??Seventh brother don’t understand,That’s how you know。”
Two people just stood by the lake and quarreled,Sang Qing was so angry that she couldn’t speak。
She looked at Ouyang Shuo,Do nothing but never stop,I just took Ouyang Yan’s arm。
“Since you have to say that,I don’t do something,Isn’t it sorry that the king Chen gave me the black pot?Open your eyes and see clearly,Even if I want to take the initiative,Also upright。”
She said,Turned and hugged Ouyang Yan。She just wants Ouyang Shuo to see clearly,otherwise,Isn’t she white back for this black pot?。
The sudden hug made Ouyang Yan froze,Although it was only a brief contact。
I didn’t wait for Ouyang Yan to react,Ouyang Shuo has pulled the two apart,Sang Qingrou was pulled back by Ouyang Shuo,Imprisoned,To prevent her from getting close to her seventh brother。Under the moonlight,His face is extremely cold。
This woman,Regardless of one’s identity,Seduce his seventh brother in front of him,Regardless of,It’s crazy。
“Sang Qingrou,I think you are crazy?”