Ruyu hasn’t figured out what’s going on yet,She asked with a strange look:“Miss,This……In the end what happened?”

Sang Qingrou sees that she doesn’t know anything,Smiled,Comfort road:“It’s nothing,none of your business。”
Ruyu looked up and looked around:“but,Didn’t the butler just say,Is there an assassin??You said,Could the guards miss something?,Should we ask someone to look for it carefully。”
“no need!Even if there are assassins,Isn’t there this lady here??”
She smiled and comforted Ruyu,Let her go and rest early。I looked up at the direction where Ouyang Shuo was hiding,There seems to be no movement at all。He looks good with effort,Should have left long ago!
By his character,I shouldn’t be interested in staying to watch the fun。
Fortunately he moves fast,Otherwise I’ll be seen by my father。She sneaked out,I can’t hide it again。
Thinking of Ouyang Shuo when she brought her in,Sang Qing couldn’t help but smile softly。He is cute when he is quiet,When targeting yourself,Becomes very uncute。
If only he could always be a quiet beautiful man!
“Miss,what are you laughing at?Seems to be in a better mood!”
“You girl,I have enough control。okay,go to bed now。”
Ruyu smiled:“Miss,No one now,You admit it!Just now,Did you come back from outside?”She said,Pointed at the dirty shoes。
Sang Qingrou looked down,Really that’s the case。
Think carefully,Sang Xiaoxi seems to have looked at herself more,She thought something was wrong,And dare not look at myself,I had to pretend to be calm。maybe,She has found out,Just didn’t say it。