Diabetic diet remedies have some of these recipes to lower blood sugar

Diabetic diet remedies have some of these recipes to lower blood sugar

Yam rabbit broth ingredients: 1 rabbit, fresh yam 2.

5 kg, seasoning amount.

Method: Cut the rabbit meat into pieces, combine with the mountains, season the same cooking, and the rabbit meat can be cooked.

Medicinal: 4 times.

Description: Buzhong Yiqi, clearing away heat and detoxifying; it has curative effect on spleen and stomach with weak and hot diabetes and stomach deficiency.

Watermelon 盅 ingredients: 1 watermelon, 30 grams of pepper, 20 grams of pine nuts, 20 grams of almonds, 100 grams of chicken, 50 grams of ham, 50 grams of longan meat.

Method: Wash the watermelon, dig the melon to cover, dig out the melon, put other ingredients into the watermelon, cover the top, and steam for 3 hours.

Medicinal: Eat with meals.

Description: Clear heat and heat; the heart and stomach caused by diabetes are hot, and the fluid consumption of the body fluid is effective.

Tomato porridge soup ingredients: 1 pork and pork, 400 grams of tomato, salt amount.

Method: Cut the pig’s pancreas and cook it with tomato. After the pig’s pancreas is rotted, add salt.

Medicinal: eat meat and soup, 1 pair per day.

Description: Tonic and moistening, clearing heat and fluid; effective for diabetes.

Shengjin Ziwei drink ingredients: 30 grams of green beans, 25 grams of fresh green fruit, 6 grams of bamboo leaves, 2 oranges.

Method: Take the green fruit to the core, the oranges are chopped with skin, and cook with green beans and bamboo leaves for 1 hour.

Medicinal: warm drinks, many times a day.

Description: Shengjin no stomach, clear stomach heat evil; effective for gastrointestinal heat-type diabetes.