Do you know the details of choosing sanitary ware?


The color and grade should be the same.

  The sanitary ware’s face washer, toilet, bathtub or adding a bidet must be the same color, and the grade should be coordinated with the floor tiles and wall tiles of the bathroom.

The color of the sanitary ware of the general bathroom is similar to or slightly lighter than that of the floor tile. The faucet of the basin and the triple faucet of the bathtub should be selected from the same brand, and the same style is more harmonious.

The nozzle is preferably a single-handle ceramic core because the nozzle of the ceramic spool is more durable than the rubber core and does not leak water.


It must be consistent with the drain.

  Before choosing a toilet, make sure that the bathroom drain is drained or horizontally drained.

If it is draining, measure the distance from the center of the drain to the wall, and then choose the toilet of the same distance, otherwise it will not be installed; if it is horizontally drained, make sure the height of the drain to the ground, the toilet outlet and the drain outletThe height must be the same or slightly higher to ensure smooth drainage.


Check the water saving function.

  When the water type toilet is used, there is often a misunderstanding. The smaller the water tank is, the more water is saved. If the water is not saved, the size of the water tank is considered.

In fact, whether the toilet is water-saving or not depends on the size of the water tank, mainly in the design of the toilet flushing and drainage system and the water tank fittings.

Some toilet water tanks are small, but the flushing performance is very poor. One flush is not clean and it takes two or three times to clean.

Some toilets are not small in how to choose a water-saving tank, but the water tank has a very low water storage line and good water-saving.

Therefore, whether the toilet is water-saving, can not just look at the size of the water tank, can not just listen to the dealer introduction, should ask the dealer for the amount of flushing of the toilet indicated in the product inspection report of the National Technical Supervision Organization.

The current flushing volume below 6 liters is the water-saving toilet, which is produced by Yingtao.

The 5-liter water-saving toilet is the most water-saving type in China.


How to distinguish the quality of sanitary ware ceramics.

  Generally, high-quality sanitary wares are glazed and smooth, and there is no such phenomenon as squatting, chromatic aberration, pinholes and glaze. The sound of hard objects hitting the ceramic is crisp.

  Inferior products generally have cracked pinhole spots on the glaze, bumps, cracks and glaze, and the appearance is slightly deformed (the counter basin is not flat on the surface of the table, the toilet is placed on the ground, it will shake left and right, etc.), the trademark is unclearThe sound that is made when tapping is dull and there is no crisp sound.