How many disappointments in summer。

But I didn’t expect it.,There is news so soon.?
Interrogate,Dialogue faces the voice of Di Fu,“Lord……In fact, this news is the trial of the three elders of the sacred,He not only found me,I also found someone else。”
Summer,Cold channel,,“What did he say?。”
“He said……He and the saint are in the thirty-three-layer building in the northern suburbs.,If……If……”
Di Fu dry cough,“He said……If you have any kind,Go there,They and the saint are on the top rooftop,If you have a role in the sky,Let you leave with the saint……”
Summer eyes squatted into a gap。
Yesterday, Fatis yesterday,After taking more than a thousand people,The first time in the summer, and the Three people in Ling Xiong.。
Ling Xiong three naturally told the summer about the moon……It seems that I don’t know them.。
Afterward,Several people don’t stay,Reward to the manor villa group。
But after it,There is no one in it.。
He didn’t expect,I want to find a bitter look,The other party is actively looking for the door.。
No doubt。
This is obviously a trap。
At this time,Di Fu’s voice continues,“Lord,About that building, I know,Actually, it is more than me.,At the beginning, many people secretly investigated the owner of the building.,We think is a partial force,I didn’t expect it to be a sacred headquarters.。”
Waiting for summer opening inquiry,He also,“Northern suburbs are one of the most secure areas in Campia.,There is no mine and oil there.,And the scenery is very good,So many rich people have built a villa and estate there.。”
“But only the building is special,33th floor,And there is a mercenary dress on the surface of the people inside.,Many forces have been very interested in the beginning,So I have secretly investigated……”
Difu will simply say it simply.。
Finally,“Just is the owner that is not found behind.,Later, there is no big action,So, no one is paying attention.。”
He coughed,“Today, the three elders have found me.,Say there is their headquarters,Let me help conveyors,If you don’t go tonight,They will leave Campbia with a saint,And you will never let you find,You can go alone,You can also bring your own Yongcheng Corps,Just look at the you can’t dare.……”
Summer is quiet,It’s just that the original squat is suddenly opened.。
Cold light diseases in a dark scorpion。
Killing is also ready to move。
How is the trap?。
How is the so-called holy teaching?。
Knowing the mountain,山 山行。
First2106Chapter Knowing the mountain, there is a tiger to biace
Unusual,Campbia’s night is more lively during the day。
Because the night is the heaven of gang forces。
But members of all major forces tonight have been warned by their respective church.,Don’t walk around。
Members of these forces have some doubts,But still perform a good execution。
Downtown Cambead and nearby areas of Cambeads tonight is much more cleared.。