And Drexler is defending him。

“Kid,Do you dare to vote?”
“Pass the ball!Pass to Shaq!Pass like a coward!”
“You can’t,You can’t invest!”
“I will let you vote in the last game,You didn’t make three shots,Can you enter this time??”
Drexler’s last moment incarnation talks about tuberculosis,He has always been talking less, he started to spit out trash talk crazy。
“Pick and roll carefully!”Olajuwon shouted,O’Neal pretended to enter the penalty area after serving,It was the first time to come to Drexler after Kobe received the ball!
Koru Tong Benlei,Push the ground hard with your left foot,The burst of power from the Achilles tendon made him jump out instantly。
bad,Drexler’s secret path is bad,He was held firmly by O’Neill。
“Make up!”
Olajuwon did not squat under the basket,He rushed over!He is going to jam Kobe near the free throw line!