“Oh, God,Why are you so sure?”Angie said impatiently:“Even so,I won’t use the sixth pick to pick him,If he didn’t do what you said,I will be torn apart by angry fans!”

“Gregg,If Kyle is elected,Who is your second choice?”
In the Spurs conference room,RC·Buford just hung up the phone in his hand。
Popovich didn’t get back to him the first time,Pondered for a while:“You mean.Is that Chinese?”
“Yes,I think I can even choose him directly。”
“unnecessary,RC,We follow the set goal!”
“Ok,Listen to you,You are the champion coach,I’m just a little general manager。”RC·Buford shrugged helplessly。
The contract status has been changed
The contract status has been changed,To celebrate the signing,Let me express,Two more tomorrow。Guiqiu collection plus recommended ticket!
Rush rush!
First11chapter will not“Drive”(Seek acceptance and push)