Three people went upstairs together,Into Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom,Shen Ruoxue began to prepare things for bathing,Liu Xiaoyun stood beside her nervously,Hesitating。Qin Liang also stood not far behind Shen Ruoxue,He is also very honest,Because he must act honestly now,Only in this way can Liu Xiaoyun be so nervous,And as soon as Shen Ruoxue goes to the bathroom,Liu Xiaoyun

It fell into his hands,Then he didn’t want to do it to her.!Why rush for a while,Don’t care about these few minutes。
“Let’s wash it together……Brother-in-law is not a kid anymore,Still need someone to accompany you……”
Liu Xiaoyun finally spoke again。
“Didn’t Brother-in-law feel sick and have a fever today?,You better stay with him,correct,How about taking the temperature just now?How many degrees?”
Shen Ruoxue stopped her hand,Turning to ask。
“Over a thousand degrees。”
Liu Xiaoyun casually said nonsense。
“Over a thousand degrees that is the boiler!Really no one……”
Qin Liang couldn’t help but interjected and answered。
“How much is it??Don’t make trouble,Hurry up and tell me。”
Shen Ruoxue can’t wait to ask again。“No fever,Nothing,Maybe the supper was too strong,So my stomach was a little uncomfortable just now,it’s all good now,Do not!Not yet,I need someone to chat with me,I forgot my discomfort as soon as I chatted
。”Qin Liang covered himself a little,But half of the story,Found that what I said was wrong,Easy to give Liu Xiaoyun a chance to escape,An excuse to take a bath with Shen Ruoxue,So after I finished talking, I hurried back to find supplements。
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