I heard Shen http://www.sdreshui.cn Xuan finished,Those people around them are noddlings.。

After all, this,How should I handle it?,In fact, it is this,It’s very important。
And the warriors of other war temples,Negative nodes。
Since you do this now,So other things,It is nothing to say.。
By the time,Direct collection。
Chapter 543 Someone is investigating us
quickly,Huang Yue is back。
“Leader,Everything has been solved。”
After all, these things,It doesn’t matter if it is actually a difficult place.。
So I want to solve it.,In fact, their hearts,Very clear。
After a while,This,Shen Xuan is very light。
“very good,In this case,So next,I also assign allocation tasks.。”
Shen Xuan’s words,What makes others face each other,Alert。
I have http://www.will-power.cn finally reached the task.,I don’t know,What kind of task is it going??
When I think about it,Their heart,Instead, how many expectations are expected。
“In fact, why didn’t I tell you?,Most important,Because of,Someone,Investigate us!”
Shen Xuan said when he said,Slightly paused。
But in front of you,The more you look, the more I feel curious.。
In fact, their hearts are clear.,Shen Xuan general,Will not mention these in this case。
but now,Shen Xuan has already said this.。
So next,What will be brought?。
There is nothing to consume at all things.,Next,Still it is necessary to continue。
As for Shen Xuan,The more you look, the more you feel funny.。
“Yet,These are not the focus,Next you four,Have four channels。”
“I think,How long does it take?,these people,Will definitely come again!”
When http://www.chaigz.cn Shen Xuan’s words say,It is even more people around you.,Tap a breath。
In fact, this matter,They are completely unpredictable。
But think about it carefully,Can still be found,Shen Xuan said,True。
“Since the header said this,So let’s everyone,Absolutely unshirkable。”
“I thought it was,Solved the music,It’s almost,did not think of,This is also hidden in this。”
“If now,Really thinking about it,So next,We are sure,Need to do something ready。”
This,With those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。
For the current thing,How to solve it in the end。
In fact, these people’s hearts,Still it is quite clear。
And as these people are secretly thinking about this matter in their hearts。
For those who surround the War Temple,Just follow the Shen Xuan said,That’s right。