Spur,Be shocked,at last……Be aesthetic。

Devil on the wrist,And the weird weapon……
What did the fairy mercenition in the beginning?,Faces suddenly pale。
He is looking for backwards,Can just welcome the eyes of the big man in the top。
I http://www.industrialgloves.cn saw him grinning.,Inside the big red, the wild beast is generally cold and chestnut,It’s like a smile of death。
Eight people stop footing,Congratulations to stand in the summer。
I will continue to walk for the first big man.,Mercenaries who are talented to the side。
“Your Mightiness……”
He is difficult to open,The scorpion is turning out.,“You are……”
See the other party did not respond,Still step by step,Be invisible,Forced yourself calm,“We are from the rains of the Asian Islands Rainforest,Unknown……”
Two words。
But as if there is boundless magic。
This fairy mercenary spirit is hitting a chill,Even guess,I also got a quibrus granule up and down.,Make a white face,Scalp。
Not just him。
Seven mercenaries around the season,It is also a sudden illusion。
http://www.weizhenyifang.cn That is the existence of supernatant in the field of mercenaries。
They fame,But in front of Shura,Not a hierarchy at all。
Shura is very low,Low-key or even forgotten many people,But how can they forget these top mercenaries??How dare to forget?
A big stare with him,Mouth,No sound,But there is a sound line to blow in the opponent’s ear,“You have to cut off my boss’s hands and feet.?”
Shura’s boss?
This mercenary first is one,Almost consciously http://www.mkfsq.cn look to another eight Shura,Their station……And their body shape。
next moment。
He only feels the head of the heart,Tinnitus,Be in a hurry。
As a global ranking flying fan,He nature knows how to exist in Shura。
This mysterious and low-key mercenary group,Once continuously destroyed the nine major in the field of mercenary,More destroyed ten god master masters。
However,More horrible is about the legend of Shura,to be exact,No one knows that the identity of Shura,No one has seen him。mystery,Low-key,unknown,powerful……Just synonymous。
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