“forget it,I still want to join merits.。”Lin Feng shook his head,Mainly in the seat of the owner of the merits。

Although the Government of Gongdefu is directly http://www.asszero.cn jurisdiction,However, there is no direct access to free。
Of course, although there is no direct access to free,But there is a lot of means to do you.。
Want to serve as the master of Gongdefu,First accumulation,Second itself,Both two,And the premise this seat is empty。
Then the eligible person can campaign this seat.。
The most direct selection is a few powerful fighting laws that merits meet the requirements.,This fight is naturally fighting.。
The winner is the king,Serving the host of the government。
The master of the Gongdefu is also a leader in the Milaye Temple.。
Of course, can you sit in this seat?,Then look at your strength.,Such as the main,What is the bad relationship between the Director of the Great Pavilion,That is very likely that this falls.。
“Enter the Great House?This brother,Now the gongfu viaoguan is a yang,Wolf,Nanming A,Among them,The wolf http://www.caipiaoer.cn is probably not bad for you.,If you say it is welcome.,I want to be overwhelmed by you.。”Shizhong Look Delicious。
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Chapter 1,468 Mortuary
NS1468Zhang North
“In fact, which department we have entered in the past will be crowded.。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”Lin Feng shook his head:“I want to enter the merits.!”
The Spirel just hangs,I believe how long does it take?,This message will be passed out.,At that time, you will choose the new Gongdefu House.。
I can miss this opportunity.?
Entering the Great House is the first step in the rights system that is entitled to the Hall of the Hall of the North,The higher the same position,The status of the Shentou Temple is more respect,It is a big rose to yourself.。
“Hey,This is also,Do you both??”Shizhong looks at the fish and cold jade and the stone。
“We both follow the Lin Xiong.。”Shi Dahai and fishy jade have shown attitude。
“Ok,Lin brother is careful,I know that you are repaired.,But be careful,It is estimated that you go to the merits.,Someone will give you a new task。”Rock。
“I see,Come,drink wine!”Lin Fengnan smiled and picked up the wine glasses。
“drink wine!”
After,Lin Feng,Fishy,Shi Dahai went to Gongde House to report,The process is easy,Three people become members of merits,However, on the spot, the blood of the rhodes will give Lin Feng and others down to a task.。
This task is to go to the earth and space crystal to the earth.。
Wild sea is not the land of the Monte Indo,Or do not have any power of any force,No one can go to mining,But the deepening of the sea is unhappy,Little accidental will fall。
There is an ancient beast in the rumors.,Various cultivation。
Lin Feng took a gold medal back to the derangement peak,His face is a bit very bad,This shows you to kill him.。
Stone sea,Fish Hanyu looks at the material of the sea,Each face is pale,Because there are many wild bears in places where time and space is present,These martial arts areas,Various combat power。
Among them, there is a strong sense of emperors.。
“Lin Big,This is a bit spicy。”Shi big sea is a bit。
“It’s a little spicy,But you can follow me.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“This time this time is a good opportunity to earn merits.。”