“Between this world,Except you, I bet,What’s wrong?”

“It’s because this bet is unhappy。”
“Also。”Shadow nodded,“No wonder the time is not up,Call me,What else can you do besides being upset?”
“Completely closed the door,Don’t bet!”Smoky shadow,Quite vicious。
“You shame?”
“You forced。”
“Ha ha,When can i force you?”
“Bet about five,What is Article 3?”
“Neither you nor http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn I can participate in this great catastrophe。”The black shadow shook his head seriously,“But I didn’t participate,I’ve been staying in the Yuanjie ruins recently,Don’t wrong me。”
“Fake hands of others,Finding an agent comes,Participate,Seriously http://www.oppjo.cn break the agreement,Dare you say you didn’t?”
“Dao brother,Speak for evidence。”Sombra raised his head,Very disapproving,“I’m fake?Who are you looking for again??This universe,The heavens have already been ruined,The remaining bits and pieces,What kind of power can enter the eyes of you and me?”
“otherwise,You must have hidden the heavens!”Smoky shadow,“Otherwise, how could there be so many gods and demons in the mortal world?,Are you blind at the door of the rules??”