“Two people http://www.rmbtrip.cn from the Commission for Discipline Inspection,I asked about the Southeast Mountain in Xiping Village,I think the above may have to be on this matter this time,Make a fuss about me“Xia Jian whispered。

Tong Jie listened,His face changed slightly:“Probably not!This is a natural disaster,It’s not a man-made disaster,Should have nothing to do with you?”
“How can it be okay?? This project was initiated and led by me for Xiping Village,And I’m the mayor of Pingyang Town,So they want to trouble me,Not a trivial matter”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
Tong Jie listened,Said in a panic:“Or call Mayor Qin,Ask her her,She is the deputy mayor in charge of our Pingyang Town,Don’t know about it”
“morning,I called her。But I haven’t gotten through,Her secretary said she went to the municipal party committee for a meeting,It seems that this matter http://www.xiongjundg.cn should be settled,They are going to punish me,I don’t know if Vice Mayor Qin will be implicated?”That’s it for Xia Jian,Began to take care of Qin Xiaomin。
Tong Jie is a woman after all,She asked nervously:“Mayor Xia!What kind of punishment do you think?”
“The big deal is expelled,Or transfer away,What else?”Xia Jian took a long breath after speaking。
Tong Jie listened,Sighed and said:“If you don’t do it in Pingyang Town,Then I will resign。Pingyang Town left you,I see who else can do it”
“Wood show in the forest wind will destroy it,Do you know this truth。These two years,The development speed of our Pingyang Town is indeed too fast。And I don’t listen to the leaders,It’s going to happen sooner or later。I didn’t expect it would come so soon,And they still used it to fix me“Xia Jian feels a little sad when he talks about it later。
A whole noon,Xia Jian and Tong Jie are both worried about this, But their worry is not unnecessary。It’s really here。
Go to work at half past two,Secretary Lu followed Xia Jian’s office with a panic face。He wiped the sweat from his forehead,Said while panting:“Mayor Xia!problem occurs“
Tong Jie listened,Got up from the chair in shock。She hurriedly asked:“Are you punishing Mayor Xia??“
“what!Do you already know?“Secretary Lu asked in surprise。
Tong Jie shook her head and said:”No,In the morning, people from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to Mayor Xia to talk about Gong Nanshan,He has guessed that the above is going to take this to him。Is it true?“
“Mayor Xia is really not easy,He guessed right。I just received a call from the municipal party committee,Basically this is the situation”Secretary Lu said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian let out a sigh of relief and said:“Tell me about the processing http://www.taoforest.cn result”
“There are many people involved in this matter。They first gave the village chief Zhao the title of model village chief,After that, the Nanshan Mountain incident was held accountable and punished.。Because you are directly responsible,So the administrative record once,Transfer from Pingyang Town,Go to Donglin Township as the mayor。Deputy Mayor Qin Xiaomin was also remembered”Secretary Lu whispered,He was angry that Xia Jianhui lost his temper。
Tong Jie listened,Can’t help but swear:“It’s all a bunch of bastards。With performance, they compete,If something happens, take someone who can handle it。You go to Donglin Township,I will go with you too。I’ll be your secretary”
Secretary Lu took a look,I couldn’t help taking a long breath。If Xia Jian and Tong Jie leave together,Then this play really can’t sing down。