The instructor feels wrong,Subconsciously took two steps back,Unexpectedly, it bumped into a tough body,He turned around,Is a tall young man,This person has cold eyes,Stiff facial features,He appeared behind him silently like a ghost,Not only him,Four unidentified men have been standing around the instructor at some unknown time。

“Quan Xingguo,What are you doing?!”The instructor is in the wrong step,Ready to reach out,But suddenly found that his midfielder was empty,I don’t know when the pistol was taken away by the opponent,This surprise is not trivial。
“Kampot is looking for you,I’m just a messenger。”
“You are still brainwashed。”
“brainwashing?”The dangerous aura in Quan Xingguo’s eyes suddenly faded a lot,Replaced by a kind of confusion and confusion。
“Correct,You are brainwashed!”The instructor perceives that Quan Xingguo’s disposition is not stable,So shouted,“Brainwashed by that Kampot,do you know?Don’t you remember who you are?what?You are Quan Xingguo,Think about who i am?Think about‘Ranger’,Your comrade in arms,Tao Meng、Wu Fang、Yuan Hua,And Xu Wen……”
“you shut up!”Quanxingguo stopped drinking,The facial features suddenly began to twist,He stretched out his hand in pain to cover his face,Seems to want to take something off the face,But it quieted down soon,When his hands are released,Facial features have all changed,Although it’s distorted and moved,But the instructor faintly remembered Kampot’s face,That impermanent face has such a fuzzy look,too frightening!
“You are Quan Xingguo!From Hebei Province,Hometown and your parents,You joined the army at the age of eighteen,In the year of the competition,Wu Fang met you……”The instructor’s voice stopped abruptly,The back of the neck was slapped heavily by a man。
The other two men leaned over and carried the unconscious instructor,Leave quickly,And Quan Xingguo began to squat on the ground in pain,Use both hands to pull your cheeks,Soon there were blood stains,I even cut my eyes,The remaining two men just glanced at him faintly,Left one after another。
Guangting Eastern Outskirts,A shining light trail slipped from the deep sky,Then it exploded silently on the horizon,Release a dazzling brilliance。
Li Tianzhen jumped off from Li Huo,“I said can you keep a low profile?Every time I fly, I have to make such a big movement?”
“According to the new theme,I have tried my best,Can’t help it。”Complain from the fire,Try to make your body shrink quickly,In order to let the colorful glow fade quickly。
Li Tianzhen has a headache,Too lazy to talk,Beckon,The beast from the fire turned into a light trail and flew into his forehead,Riding a unicorn beast is super fast,Little movement,But this boy is unscrupulous in the air,Completely rigid,Regardless of Li Tianzhen’s life and death on his back,And riding Lihuo is much more comfortable,But this guy has a high pedigree,Belongs to ancient gods and beasts,Whenever there is a movement, the sky is full of fancy glow,I’m afraid that others don’t know the same。
I recognized the direction a bit,Li Tianzhen turned into a gust of wind and quickly left,Not much effort,He has appeared on the streets of Guangting County,Soon I came to the address given by the instructor,15 Liuyan Road,A three-story building,Junxi Holiday Inn。
“he came。”A gloomy voice in the dark。
“Very cunning,I can’t notice his mental fluctuations now。”The other voice is obviously not supernatural,But don’t seem to believe。
“Just downstairs,I can ask his taste,Same as the ancestor said。”