Thrilling action!

First412chapter Hardened!Old man!
Owen succeeded!
He again avoided Xu Xuan’s gambling style grab。
But Xu Xuan also won the double-teaming opportunity for Pickle and Tucker。
Both of them came forward at the same time,Will form a wave of offensive。
“Danger!Carey Danger!Xu Xuan’s grab this time is just to buy time!”Kenny·Smith exclaimed。
That means,Such a game,Such time,How could Xu Xuan take such gambling steals so recklessly??
Impossible to think about。
really,The Pacers have a late move。
“The Pacers might have guessed the Cavaliers’ tactics,They did not relax their guard against Carey,Even for one second。”
“Pickle and Tucker’s help is here,Xu Xuan is behind,Let’s see how Irving chooses。”
The Cavaliers still have a chance,As long as Owen makes a foul,Then the Cavaliers still have a chance to win。
Must be a big foul!
At this time, the referee will not judge a minor foul。
Can Irving do it?
The Cavaliers fans at Quicken Loans Center Arena don’t know。