Although Orgrim didn’t know Truman。

“Spartacus,What does your master want?”
Orgrim received the latest batch of aid,Can’t help but question。
“probably,Is an enemy。”
The campfire and the smoke in the distance make the Iron Masked Sword Saint fascinated,Even his eyesight,Can’t cross that far to observe the rescued compatriots。
But the strange emotion inside is real。
Orgrim is in action,Spartacus doesn’t hate him that much。
Orgrim could not understand,Could it be that human beings have been arrogant to this point?
If it weren’t for Gul’dan’s betrayal,Now the humans in Lordaeron have long been locked into detention centers by orcs as slaves。
Orgrim thinks,If he is the winner,Will also make the decision that Terenas has figured out。
Let the orcs rise,How confident is the king of Alterac,What a arrogance。
“Probably lonely,Carlos.Barov’s mind and vision,Even you couldn’t keep up。”
Feel something,Spartacus’s words are a bit redundant,Revealed something that should not be revealed。
Orgrim was a little angry pretending not to understand。
Smooth down all the detention centers in southern Hillsbrad Foothills,Orgrim gathered more than 20,000 orcs。