Su Luo nodded to Luo Xiang,Leave with the staff,And seeing Chen Yuqi with good makeup,A hint of surprise flashed under his eyes。</p>

beautiful,It’s so good to see the explosion,The immortal face value used to describe her at this moment cannot be overstated。</p>
Chen Yuqi’s looks,The kind that is so delicate,The smoky makeup is more beautiful and beautiful。</p>
Looks more moving,It’s like a fairy descending,Especially her costume at the moment,Dress up the girl next door。</p>
A white dress,Give people the first love。</p>
Every move is a slapstick,Worthy of being the future Huadan,Sooner or later,This made Su Luo extremely lucky,Signed her in advance。</p>
A wish list,A Chen Yuqi,Will definitely become the mainstay of my own studio in the future。</p>
Not only Su Luo,And those staff saw Chen Yuqi’s makeup,All stupid。</p>
“This is too good to watch。”And Luo Xiang saw the stunned staff,Shouted:“What are you doing?The balloons are not set yet。”</p>
The staff shook their heads,Got busy again。</p>
Chen Xue came over,Looking at Chen Yuqi with exquisite makeup,Surprised:“younger sister,You are so pretty,If i was a man,I will be fascinated by you。”</p>
A touch of shame appeared on Chen Yuqi’s face,Tao:“Sister Xue,Don’t tease me,Is it as exaggerated as yours?”</p>
Chen Xue covered her mouth with a chuckle,Nod seriously,Tao:“Did those stinky men react just now?,Didn’t you see?Someone almost slobbered just now。”</p>
The last sentence seems to be pointed,Make Su Luo’s face stiff,I coughed unnaturally。</p>
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