Song Min immediately said unceremoniously,Instantly sharp pen reveals,The Shen sisters“Mighty domineering”Behave vividly!

“I rely on!Look at,What am i talking about?Shen’s sisters are better than the other,how about it?I was right?I haven’t gone to Shen’s house yet,I’m about to start to teach you how good this Shen family girl is!”
Ling Mofeng said helplessly。
“I will ask if you are afraid of me?”
Song Min continued to ask。
“afraid!Why not afraid?Scared to death。”
Ling Mofeng surrendered immediately,Not even a little resistance!This is the same as his usual“Rather bend than bend,Would rather die than yield”Are very different,It seems that he is very different to Song Min and others。
“Just be afraid,I have to listen to my sister obediently in the future, do you know??I let you go east,You are not allowed to go west,otherwise,Want you to look good,Humph!”
Song Min said happily,The face is full of proud and proud expression。
“Yes Yes Yes,Sister He,From now on, I will take your orders,What you say,So you are satisfied?”
Ling Mofeng smiled and said。
“What sister He?It’s called by those outside,You have to call my sister,Come,obedient,Give me a call,Hurry up。”
Song Min said with expectation。
“You little yellow girl,Give you a candy, you really put it in your mouth?Call your sister?You want to be beautiful,You call me brother!Otherwise you can call me uncle,Hahahaha……”
Ling Mofeng suddenly countered,I teased Song Min without any scruples.!
“You are dying you!Dare to fool me!”
Song Min was ashamed and angry,Xiang Ling Mofeng threw his teeth and claws!