Zou Zijie’s straightforward expression made everyone laugh。

The leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture did not laugh,Said:“We’re going to whip the fast bull,I’ll give you a review if you can get results,Don’t care about others。”
The leader turned to the leader of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and said,Said:“Lao Zou, this special matter,Let him take as much as he has,Just give him a trial,I will give you no indicators。In addition,Your province will also introduce a helping measure for him,Do the real thing,Do practical things,Don’t verbally support,To give money,You come down to make a plan,The Ministry of Agriculture has to deal with this matter。”
First120chapter Won’t ask for a price
After the visit,Jiang Fan returned to the province,Reported the opinions of the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture to Governor Yuan Jincheng,Governor Yuan is also very interested in Zou Zijie,He told Jiang Fan:“I heard you talk about this person before,I didn’t take it too seriously,It turned out to be in our province ,There is still such a national expert。”
and so,Governor Yuan now instructs the Department of Agriculture,Let the Department of Agriculture prepare a report,Special funds should be allocated to support Zou Zijie in breeding,Experts with special contributions to this,Special treatment,And criticized the Department of Agriculture for not paying attention to agricultural experts in this system。
Two days later,The director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture specially brought the boss of one of the largest seed companies in the province to Langzhu to find Zou Zijie,Soliciting opinions from Zou Zijie on the work of the Department of Agriculture,In addition, I want this company to sign a seed sales contract with Zou Zijie,But the boss smiled after seeing Zou Zijie,To the director:“We have been cooperating with Lao Zou。”
Zou Zijie learned to be smart after Jiang Fan’s patient advice the day before,He said:“There has always been cooperation,It turns out you made money,I didn’t lose money。”
Zou Zijie said this very truthfully,Also very objective。The poor seed transfer fee he gets from this company every year,Just enough for Nanfan’s land rental fee,Some other seed money can cover the annual expenses,Overall,Indeed, as he reported to the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture,No loss,No need for a loan,But no balance。It has to be said that the army farm did not ask him for land rent at the market price,If you want to rent the land at the market price,,His income and expenditure will show up。
The director knows that Zou Zijie is an honest man,Yelled at him with staring eyes:“you’re so dumb!Why don’t you make money??Withdrawn,Also find a partner。”
Zou Zijie smiled,Said:“Where can I find it?There is no idle time。”
Director said:“You don’t need to find it yourself,I’ll contact you。”
The boss of the seed company has learned from the news reports that the present one is not good looking、The character of the teacher, the shy person gets attention from above and below,Just said quickly:“Not bothering the leader,From this year,We can increase the price of working with Lao Xi。”
Director said:“Not raise the price,Advance payment,And this prepayment is guaranteed,Too much,Missing you make up。”
Zou Zijie heard clearly,Provincial Department of Agriculture, this is a backing,Let the seed company provide this research funding。but,This seed company is a provincial state-owned unit,He paid,It’s equivalent to the money paid by the Department of Agriculture。