Xie Lan said nothing,Hu Lai in his arms,Hug tightly,Seems to be afraid that he will run away again。

Hu Lai really didn’t expect her mother to be so strong,As a professional player who has practiced strength,Didn’t break free all at once,Then he stopped struggling,Let mother hold。
Then he heard mother sobbing。
“Mom, why are you crying,The neighbors upstairs and downstairs thought our family was dead……”
“Tut!Nonsense!”Xie Lan slapped Hu Lai hard on the shoulder,But I don’t cry anymore,It’s just that the eye sockets are a little wet and red。
She let go of her son,Look carefully:“Ok,Not bad,A little higher,Stronger,Much darker。”
“Don’t you watch it on TV every week?How does it feel like meeting for the first time?”Hu Lai is very confused,“And I haven’t even entered the house yet……”
Xie Lan just realized,Pulled him in,Close the door again。
“Eh mom,I see how the spring festival couplets at the door are blessed,You didn’t tear it off last Spring Festival?”
“Have you seen such a new couplet?That is what i just posted。”Xie Lan said。
“Just posted?It’s only November,Is it too early to post the Spring Festival couplets??”Hu Lai was surprised。
“not early,You can’t spend the Spring Festival at home next year?Let’s celebrate the Spring Festival in advance!”
Hu Lai opened his mouth:“I thought you were joking……”
At that time, my mother actually said on the phone that the Chinese New Year is early,But Hu Lai didn’t take it seriously——Who will celebrate the New Year in November??
“Our family will be like this in the future,Chinese New Year in advance!”Xie Lan waved his hand,Announced。
“Fine,As long as you are happy……”
Xie Lan looked at her son with a smile,I can’t see enough:“happy,Of course i am happy。Your dad comes home from get off work tonight,The three of us had a good meal‘New Year’s Eve Dinner’。”
“it is good。”Hu Lai nodded,While pulling the suitcase to his room。
Haven’t walked in yet,Just arrived at the door,He smelled the smell that he once smelled in Coach Li’s house,he knows,This is the smell of that laundry detergent。
What surprised him was:“mom,Are you still using this laundry detergent?”