Leather sofa。

Directly penetrated。
Stuffed cotton stuffed inside,Sprinkled in mid-air,Finally fell to the ground。
“A lot of hairy。”
Shao Wang crawling on the ground。
Totally unaware of the situation,Even looking at the cotton in the sky,Keep giggling。
“What i just said,You can hear?”
Ye Tian leaned over,Looking at Wang Songrui,Stare like death。
Wang Songrui is constantly swallowing saliva,Sweating:“You fool,You better not mess around。I’m Wang Songrui,Is one of the five great chaebols in Lincheng。What should i miss,The Wang Family won’t let you go,The five chaebols will never let you go!Not just you,Including your wife,And the Ren family,All have to die……”
Wang Songrui hasn’t finished yet。