Middle school students run away from home several times

Middle school students run away from home several times

The first is interpersonal tension.

  Judging from the investigation materials, the middle school students who ran away were mainly parents who wanted their children to be enthusiastic, and the tension between teachers and students and the lack of rapport with classmates caused psychological depression and led them to leave school and run away.

  Essentially, personality abnormalities and rebellious psychology.

  Students with abnormal personality suffer from hostility and alertness from surrounding people, conflict with school or family members, and suddenly run away.

  Thirdly, students feel that the learning burden is too heavy, and they will be tired of learning, and some kind of rebellious psychology will be formed, and some students will show it in the form of truancy or running away.

  Fourth, role concept variation and money worship.

  After students receive extended information through various information channels, some people participate in reading instead of surveys, and are passionate about things other than reading, such as early love or obsession with Internet cafes.

In addition, potentially serious students often show carelessness in their studies, truancy to make money, or to learn some singers, movie stars, and leave the world to venture out of the world.

  The last is blindly following the crowd.

  When the media revealed that some students were too stressful and ran away from home due to the one-sided pursuit of higher education rates, some students were enough to follow suit and thought it was a good way to relieve themselves.

Herd mentality is a normal phenomenon, but if you follow her blindly, there will be no harm to it.

The five girls acted rashly out of a one-sided understanding of the nun.

  Therefore, families and society should actively cooperate with school work, especially those children from divorced families.

At the same time, schools should strengthen their own educational capabilities, improve the development of psychological education courses, improve students ‘self-confidence, cultivate students’ elegant life interest, and carry out a variety of activities to allow middle school students to live a student life with good attitude.