Constipation for pregnant women

Constipation for pregnant women

Constipation is one of the common and frequently-occurring diseases of pregnant women.

Because the progesterone secretion increases during pregnancy, the gastrointestinal tract smooth muscles relax, and the peristalsis is slowed, leading to increased absorption of water in the large intestine, hardened stools and poor bowel movements.

In the second trimester, the fetus and uterus enlarge, which can cause a kind of mechanical pressure on prevention, and also cause constipation.

When constipation occurs in pregnant women, laxatives must not be used arbitrarily, otherwise it will cause miscarriage and premature delivery. The use of food therapy is convenient and can ensure the safety of mother and child.

  ● Sesame porridge black sesame stir-fried and ground, 30 grams each time, the same as the previous 100 grams of rice porridge, suitable for pregnant women who are weak and dizzy and tinnitus.

  ● Bai Ziren porridge Wash 30 grams of Bai Ziren to smash, add 100 grams of previous rice to make porridge, mix with honey when serving.

Suitable for pregnant women with palpitations and insomnia.

  ● Fig porridge 30 grams fig, 100 grams previously rice.

Boil rice with water first, then add figs to make porridge, add appropriate amount of honey and sugar when serving, suitable for pregnant women with hemorrhoids.

  ● Walnut porridge 30 grams of walnut meat, peeled and smashed, 50 grams of rice, add water as usual to cook porridge, add walnut meat and mix thoroughly after porridge is cooked, once in the morning and evening, have strong waist and kidney, convergence lungs and asthma, moisturize the intestinesLaxative effect.

  ● Mulberry Mulberry Porridge 50 grams, rice 100 grams, brown sugar amount.

After washing the mulberry seeds and rice, they are put into a casserole to make porridge. When the porridge is cooked, brown sugar is added and taken every morning and evening. It is suitable for pregnant women with blood deficiency and constipation.

  ● Spinach porridge 100 grams of fresh spinach, previously 100 grams of rice.

First wash the spinach, boil it in boiling water and bake it for half a day, remove and chop it. After the previous rice is cooked into porridge, add the spinach and mix well. Boil it twice a day for several days.