But soul!

So,Almost pull everyone’s strength to the same horizontal line。
Because there is no level of mental extension,Even if the left fish is also the same。
certainly,Except for summer。
Why is Su Zhidao and other spirits?。
Retrieve the root,In fact, some kind of summer belongssels‘Characteristic’。
So-called‘Certain qualities’In fact, it is the soul atmosphere.。
Only the power of the Ling Sea can feel。
“Who is that!”
“How is so fast?。”
More than a dozen movements will run the speed to the ultimate,However, it has been found that someone has rid of it.,I can only see a shadow of floating shadows.。
“Wang Wei,He is Wang Wei!”
“Finish,He http://www.killerjuice.cn wants to grab our rune。”
All have changed color,glare,Inderacting everything speeds up。
New students know that summer is very strong,There are also many people who take the initiative to show,But don’t mean that afraid。
Especially in this competitive environment,impossible、There is no backward。
“call out”
One of the magic boy in the front floating,A arrow in the arch bow,Lee archer,Take a harsh。
The first summer naturally perceived,He did not avoid evading。
Just when the arrow is about to touch,His foot walk,咻,The whole body is suddenly accelerated,Step by step,Leave a fantastic residue,Almost 20 meters,Similar to transient。
And the arrow has chased more than ten meters before,Clam,Fall on the ground。
Archery Mozi Youth Face。
Not only him,Newbounds http://www.hackersha.cn from all directions, all coming out。
All comes out to see the ghost expressions。
“This……What speed,too fast……”
At this time,Summer has arrived near the stream。
Those beasts that have been dead do not exist,Will not leave runes。
There is a corpse,Inevitable。
Summer, no slightly hesitation, rushing to a green wolf。
This blue wolf, which is broken hind limbs grinned,Flashing on the forehead,Then the wind blade is ejected。
Summer foot stepping,Connection avoidance,At the same time, single hand is empty.,Nether chasing knife is caught in hand,Ahead,Go down。
en route,He notes,The wolf injured part did not have blood。
not only that。
Surrounded by mysterious energy in repairing it。