Jia Lina grabbed Xia Jian’s neck and said:“It’s okay to go back,Why not enjoy a few more days here,You can also secretly meet your girlfriend”

“girlfriend?How can i have a girlfriend?”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Jia Lina http://www.gofanb.cn pretended to be angry and said:“Whoever is the police’s girlfriend,Look how beautiful they are,Have a face,Be in shape,You don’t miss her!”
“I don’t want anyone now,Just miss you”Xia Jian said,Jalina was pressed under her body again,The two immediately rolled into a ball。
At the end of the year, every household in Xiping Village will receive dividends to varying degrees,Compared to previous years, everyone has a lot more money,So this year is very lively。
From the afternoon of the twelfth lunar month,The sound of the cannon kept going,Has been ringing for three days of the year。Just two days,There are also intermittent sound of firecrackers。According to the old people in the village,Cannon fired this year,More than in previous years.。
It’s not just the fifth day of the first month,The village committee has invited the Qin Opera http://www.artlinks.cn Troupe,To sing for the village,This puts the whole Xiping Village up and down。Villagers more than ten miles away also came to join in the fun,Thus,Xia Zecheng’s canteen is out of stock long ago,This can be anxious。
Fortunately, under Zhao Hong’s arrangement,Chen Niu took the list Xia Ze provided him,Took a vegetable delivery car and went to Pingdu,This made his commissary reopened。
“Hey!I say old ghost,I heard that your son Xia Jian’s salary is hundreds of thousands a year,Why are you still in trouble?Just let others do it,You have a good fortune“An old man with gray hair smiled and said。
Xia Zecheng took care of the goods,Smiled:“Move your body and bones,Besides, he earned his,I earn mine,Why do I have to use his money,I can’t make money again“
“Hey!You old ghost,I separate my son from you so clearly,Could it be him?,Are you afraid of being implicated?!“The old man digressed while talking。
Xia Zecheng slapped a pack of mustard greens into the carton,He asked with an extremely ugly face:“what did you say?If you don’t know how to say it, don’t be foolish here”
The old man touched the dust of his nose,A little embarrassed to leave。Xia Zecheng’s mood was suddenly affected,This stubborn old man simply shut the door,He is not willing to do this business。
Sun Yuejuan, who was about to go to the theatre, saw the old man walk back in anger,She asked with a smiley face:“What’s wrong with you?Who doesn’t have eyes that makes you angry again?”
“Are your good sons,Forget it if something goes wrong,Why don’t you send a letter back to the family??What use is it for us to raise him”Xia Zecheng said,Sat angrily on the steps。
Sun Yuejuan understands Xia Zecheng’s mind,He misses his son,Deliberately found such an excuse to vent,So she laughed and said:“My good son,There is no place for you,Where do you go to the newspaper to declare,Just say you want to sever father-son relationship with Xia Jian”
“I really want to sever the relationship?”Zhao Hong opened the door and walked in with a smile。
Sun Yuejuan hurriedly stuck out her tongue and smiled:“Look at my big mouth,Say everything,Fortunately, you heard it,This is for someone else,I don’t know how it was arranged again”