Early next morning,Family portrait。

This year’s all-star clothing is still dominated by dark gray,The upper body is a round neck jacket,The lower body is black pants,Same dress for east and west。
Inside, the eastern part is white and black,West is red and black。
Looks ok,The style of the jacket is a bit like the popular sports models of later generations。
Nobody in the west has been injured this year,But the east side,First, Butler announced his injury,Then Bosh also announced his injury,Both of these will bid farewell to this All-Star Game。
Butler’s position is topped by his teammate Gasol,Bosh’s location by Paul·On top of Millsap。
Take a complete family portrait,Individual event at night。
to be frank,Xu Xuan does not plan to participate in the three-point contest this year,This thing is enough once,But the defending champion does not participate,A little bit of suspense missing。
The most important thing is that the hanging man Curry said that if Xu Xuan is not present,Even if he wins the three-point contest, he has no sense of accomplishment。
Finally“Ten big meals”Bargaining chip,Xu Xuan was forced to participate.
After the game,Watching Curry look dying,Xu Xuan gave him a funny look。
He was not ready to win the championship this time,So the vote is very random,Eliminated in the first round。
The two who entered the finals are the Splash Brothers,As a result, Clay did not show mercy.,At last1110 goals in a row,Total score27Minute,Beat Curry,Won the first three-point contest championship trophy in his career。
Say yes to eachother,Don’t leave the promise,At last,It’s you who hurt me!
This is the feeling of betrayal。