“In the next fortune tissue boss,I’ve heard of Brother Tian’s domineering,See you today,Sure enough, the same as the legend。”

Li Hong saw the bald man,Say hello with a smile。
Li Tianfei, who was holding a woman with his hands on one side, heard this,Smiled:“What wind is blowing today,Blow the boss of Fortune Tissue to me?”
“Brother Tian, you laughed,Li came home today,I want Brother Tian to do me a favor。”
Li Hong said。
what’s up?
Your dignified boss of Fortune Tissue,Still need me to help you?”
Brother Tian heard this,Curiously asked。
“I want to ask God to help me teach someone,This person is the same as Brother Tian,Who opened a security company in Ganghwa City。
But the other party is ready to open,Has not officially started。
As long as Brother Tian is willing to help me teach this person,I’m willing to spend 10 million yuan as the selling fee。”
Regarding the trouble between Tianxing Security Company and Lin Yu,Li Hong doesn’t know yet。
Come at this moment,Only one purpose,That is to teach Lin Yu a lesson。
Chapter 74 Revenge
Li Tianfei who heard this,For a moment。
Subsequently,Asked with a smile on his face:“Oh?