Chapter 211 There are mountain high mountain

Lu Shanshan looked at the business card,A burst of joy in my heart。No wonder she thinks the man in front of her is familiar,I saw it on TV。This person is the leader of a big group,It seems that she caught a big fish today。
“I have heard of you,My time is a bit tight,I’ll see you again。Go ahead。”
After Lu Shanshan leaves,That man approached Wang Sha:“Xiao Chen,Why are you so careless,Hit someone else。The man didn’t look like a good stubble just now,He didn’t know if he wanted to lie to you,Still want to do,You a girl home,Have to be careful。”
Wang Sha stayed away a bit:“Lin Zong,It’s late,Hurry over。”
President Lin looked at Wang Sha’s car:“I need to find a towing company,Can I drag the car for you to fix it??I’ll drive you to the stadium。Otherwise your car is left like this,Not a way。”
Wang Sha pointed to the car:“this is nothing,The car is pretty good。no problem。I’ll fix the car later,Going to the stadium is the point now。”
Lin always feels sorry,But Wang Sha was released。
After Wang Sha went to the stadium,Always hiding from Manager Lin。
President Lin also knows that Wang Sha is hiding from herself,But he is not in a hurry,He has written down the license plate of the sports car just now,That man was handsome just now,But it’s a scum。He is very lucky,I can immediately remember the license plate of that car,Save for later。
“Xiao Chen,Have you heard?Manager Zhang is pregnant,The bosses have thought about letting people replace Manager Zhang。”
Wang Sha frowned:“Manager Zhang is only three months old,There is still a long time before going home to have a baby,It doesn’t matter。”
Female colleague sighed:“You do not know。The bosses will expand the industry next,Going on business。She has a family,With children,How can I go on a business trip?,So sooner or later this position will be given to others。Now someone can’t help but want to run for election。”
Wang Sha is a pity:“Manager Zhang is very good,If you let her leave her current post,What a pity,Changed someone else,Maybe she didn’t handle it well。After all, others don’t have her patience。”
Female colleagues also feel a little pity:“Yes,She is a good leader,Speak better,Never let subordinates back,Also care about subordinates。But the leader is ambitious,She is a very good leader,But not a good pioneer。What the leader needs now is a horse that can take his lead。”
Wang Sha shook her head:“The environment is so bad now,Still thinking about open source。I can only say that the capitalists are too rich,I don’t know how to spend the money。”
Wang Sha sighed:“Forget it,It has nothing to do with me。I’m a small employee,Just don’t fire me,I don’t care about anything else。”