Almost everyone who donated through Ding Yi,Are involved in this issue without exception,They all hope that the donated money and materials will be truly used for the children,To this,Ding Yi as a media supervisor,I have also conducted follow-up investigations on these donations。All her concerns about Yuan Yin are not surprising,She also learned from Yuan Yin’s words,Felt her sincerity。

Tomorrow is saturday,Jiang Fan said to take her to Beijing for inspection,She thought for a while and said:“President Yuan,Do you think this works,How about monday morning?Because I made arrangements for the weekend,I have no live broadcast mission on Monday,So we can be calmer。”
Yuan Yin said:“Just right,I saturday、I have something to do,Two customers from Beijing,I want to accompany them。Good Monday,I have time on Monday morning。”
Ding Yi said:“Then set it like this?”
Yuan Yin said:“Ok,no problem,We will contact you for the specific meeting place。”
“it is good,Goodbye, President Yuan。”
Hung up Yuan Yin’s call,Ding Yi felt an indescribable relief,I feel that the work I am doing is a bit great,At least I have some value,She is proud of her worth,I was filled with complacency,If you can really do something for the orphans in the orphanage, it will be more valuable 。
Thought of here,She wants to call Jiang Fan,I want to tell him how happy I am right now。
Saturday morning,Ding Yi hasn’t gotten up yet,I received a call from Xiaohu。
Xiaohu told her,Today, my dad is taking them outing in the suburbs,Ask him if he is going?
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Aunt has something today,Not with you anymore,Let dad take more pictures,I’ll just look at your photos when I arrive。”
Xiaohu said seriously:“Aunt,We are all done,You are not live today,I’m going to the suburbs to fly my model airplane。”
Ding Yi said with a smile:“Ha ha,Aunty won’t be live,But my aunt did arrange an event today,It was set a few days ago,Auntie won’t go with you this time,Just have your parents with you。”
Don’t know,Xiaohu still doesn’t give up,Keep saying:“Aunt,Does Uncle Jiang also go with you??If he has time,I can invite him to watch my model airplane。”
Ding Yi glanced at Jiang Fan next to him,Jiang Fan is looking at her with his eyes open。She smiled and said to Xiaohu:“Yes,Your Uncle Jiang has something with me,Little tiger,Do you think this works,We will accompany you next week,Let your parents accompany you this week。”
“OK then,Goodbye aunt。”
Put down the phone,Ding Yi saw Jiang Fan raise an eyebrow at her,Said:“You are dishonest,Lied to Xiaohu。”
Ding Yi was startled,Said:“What did i lie to him?”
Jiang Fan said badly:“You should tell Xiaohu,Auntie has a younger brother,Today I’m taking my little brother to Beijing for inspection……”