“OK,Just put us on the pot,Where is so much nonsense!”The leading oil head frowned,Sat down with an unhappy look,Swing arm and say。

These people look like they are drinking tea,But their eyes look towards the second floor from time to time,Where they have what they dream of。
People from Xihaicheng came here,Representative Xia Chenglong also found them,These are just the little ones who came to monitor them,Not worth killing。
It’s not Xia Chenglong himself that killed these people,But black tiger,After all, he has always done these things,Now this guy is still in bed。
Break through a little extraordinary,Does it take so long,Xia Chenglong sitting by the window frowning,Show displeasure,He has to think about changing to an adjutant when he goes back。
Maybe I feel this strange emotion,The black tiger’s body began to change,The most direct form of this change is the activity of Reiki。
At a certain moment,The aura around him began to rush into the body frantically,When there is enough aura to break through that barrier with unstoppable aura。
With a sound,The black tiger’s momentum slowly returned to normal from a very high level,The normal at the moment is not the normal at last night,But the normal aura of a transcendent realm。
“King’s Gift,Black Tiger is grateful。”Black Tiger is very excited,Because he broke through that barrier,Reach the extraordinary realm。
“Thank you if you can survive,We are in trouble now,What do you propose?”Xia Chenglong passed such a big problem to Black Tiger。
Because of the improvement of the realm, the level that people can see has also increased,For example, the black tiger at this moment is extremely swollen,He feels like he can hit a hundred,A dozen thousand,One hundred thousand!
“King road,Killed by the black tiger。”
“it is good,This is what you said,So I won’t take action at the next time,If you die,Lao Tzu will send out the picture of you being hacked to death by people in several streets,Let everyone laugh at you。”
Xia Chenglong talks a lot today,More importantly, there is some selfishness,I can tell that I watched my hands fall in a pool of blood and were indifferent。
Chapter Ninety Five One hundred and eight steps
Xia Chenglong had to be mean,Because he wants to save his energy to deal with stronger people,These guys are not worth doing。
If these little feet have blocked their way forward,Then you don’t have to go,Burial here is the funniest choice。