2016 Snooker China Championship game video Higgins vs Williams game video playback_1

2016 Snooker China Championship game video Higgins vs Williams game video playback
On November 2nd, Evergrande 2016 Snooker National Championship (attachment: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship competition player list / signing form) to continue the first round of the game, The wizard Higgins 6-4 Lectra left Williams, will advance to the quarterfinals against Carter.In another game, Robertson was 4-5 behind to save the match point, but lost to Holt in the decisive game, sorry to stop in the first round of the championship.2016 Snooker China Championship-Higgins VS Williams    Wizard Higgins against Williams, the latter was to replace the missing O’Sullivan.开局阶段双方就陷入了缠斗,希金斯很快取得2-1的领先,第4局中希金斯拿下5分后中断,随后威廉姆斯连得40分领 先,希金斯随后追分After scoring 12 points in a row, Williams broke the game again and Williams scored a total of 2-2.  In the fifth inning, Higgins led the back of the ball with a black goal of 26-7, Williams then cut the bottom of the red ball with a 47-26 overtake and also did not score.In the final red ball fight, Williams again scored 3-2 and took the lead again.In the sixth inning, Higgins single-handedly scored a 50+ victory to chase a 3-3 draw. In the seventh inning, Williams once led 67-0, then Higgins played a high level, reversing 73-67 and winning 4-3 to overtake again.2016斯诺克中国锦标赛第1轮 希金斯vs威廉姆斯  第8局威廉姆斯凭借一杆69分超分拿下这局4-4平,第9局中威廉姆斯解球堆失误罚Points, Higgins started to establish a 75-0 extension advantage.In defense, Williams missed the ball again and Higgins won the game 5-4 to the match point.第10局中希金 斯率先上手,58-0底袋红球失误,威廉姆斯随后追分,大好局面下49-58后打丢顶袋黄球,希金斯随后超分拿下这局,Thus defeating Williams with a total score of 6-4, against Carter in the quarterfinals.  ”Live Watch”》2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship Live