Do you have a crush on some women?

Do you have a crush on some women?

The beauty of the lover in the eyes of the lover is probably the best way for God to give men and women a balanced mentality.

Therefore, regardless of whether the fat ring is thin, single or double eyelids, warm or quiet, tall or petite . girls with different styles and styles will become the target of men with different spleen and stomach.

Below are roughly divided into five types of women, please pick the type you most appreciate.


Easygoing, humorous girl B.

Voice, body C, a sexy woman.

Gentle and cute Xie Yuhua D.

Be generous, mature and sane woman E.

The playful little confused answer: A) You like women who are as warm and kind as motherhood, so it is very likely that they will fall in love with older girls.

Your sexual requirements are not high, because the comfort you receive in your heart makes you lack of sex. B) Bodybuilding and plump healthy women are the only people who can get your favor. Lean and sick Lin Daiyu type is the least appreciated.girl.
Moreover, you are the kind of big man who only thinks about the existence of women when the desire is high. Even if there is no love with each other, he can be satisfied by caress. C) This type of man appreciates women who are better than themselves, especiallyThose who are helpful to their cause can move his heart more.

For them, the intelligence of a woman is the criterion for judging whether a woman is good or bad.

Therefore, silly women, they are dismissive. D) Do not like men who take the initiative in everything. If a woman shows her initiative, he will be moved and accepted.

In addition, he is one of the few men with exceptional traits that are easily criticized by women. It is easy to fall in love with his boss. E) You hate smart women, especially those who always remember all the details of life like a computer. Festivewoman.

Because, like a robot, she always reminds you when to wash your teeth and when to eat vitamin E .

Therefore, a playful little woman with a slightly confused personality and always lacking tendons is the most loved object of a big man like you