“These two teams are amazing!”
The intensity of the Cavaliers and Bulls competition is indeed beyond imagination。
Even Xu Xuan felt shocked。
Xu Xuan watched the other one on TV23number,Look expectant。
for him,There is no big difference between playing a knight and a bull,Even he wants to encounter a Cavaliers rather than a Bull。
Because the two sides compare,The Bulls’ super defense is definitely the last thing he wants to face in the playoffs.。
And the knight.
“David·Blatter still dare not make a desperate move in this game!”
“Every time the situation is at a disadvantage, relying on the magic of the Big Three to bite the score!”
“Why can’t we make a tactical change?!”
Xu Xuan pouted。
How easy to change tactics?
The Cavaliers formed the Big Three lineup and they are destined to use this style of play!
“The Bulls’ defense is too strong!”
“The Cavaliers can bite the score entirely by the personal ability of the Big Three!”
No wonder the Cavaliers were2ratio1,Even the last one was won by James’ personal ability.!
Just before Xu Xuan killed the Wizards,James also killed the Bulls the day before!