“Kill,What do you do with me if you kill him?I care about you,Not him!”The woman smiled a little defiantly,Never stop,Still walking slowly。

“it is good!”
Mo Xiaosheng saw this woman without the coffin without tears,Look grimace,Turned sharply,A turn of the wrist holding the dagger,Bend over,But suddenly his wrist was weak,The dagger in his hand fell uncontrollably to the ground,Then my feet were soft,I couldn’t help but knelt to the ground with a thump。
“Mr Ming!what happened to you?”
The woman screamed,Ran over immediately,Hold Mo Xiaosheng with one hand,Holding an umbrella in one hand,Blocked the rain for her,unknown,I thought she had a close relationship with Mo Xiaosheng!
Mo Xiaosheng was sour and soft at this moment,It doesn’t take a bit of strength。If it wasn’t for the woman holding him,He has already fallen to the ground,But this kind of support is obviously unkind,Mo Xiaosheng had clearly felt that a sharp and hard object was pressed against him in the woman’s hand holding him.,
“I obviously covered my mouth in time,And it’s raining again,How could I hit you**?”Mo Xiaosheng panted hard,Asked with wonder。
“You just avoid the smell,But forgot to hide from the rain!”The woman smiled crisply。
“Shelter from the rain?”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Then immediately smiled bitterly,Yes,I just covered my nose,But I didn’t expect that when the fog broke,A lot of flying over his head,Mixed with rain and fell on his face、On the lips。
“Since I have fallen into your hands,Knowing a dead end,But before dying,I would like to know,you,Who the hell is?Where did you learn the magic?”
Mo Xiaosheng has nothing to love,But he looks quite unwilling。
“who?Of course the one who killed you!”
At this time, the mask man has stood up staggeringly on the ground with his right hand,Mo Xiaosheng held the dagger that Mo Xiaosheng had just dropped to the ground.,A cold light burst out from the exposed eyes,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with hatred,Obviously,Even if he is going to kill Mo Xiaosheng soon,I don’t want Mo Xiaosheng to know his identity。
“But killing you like this is indeed too cheap for you!”The mask man gritted his teeth,Turning to the woman coldly:“Take out all the weird and wacky poisons you got,Feed him!I want him to die!”