“Hyuga Fireworks,The next patriarch recognized by the Hyuga family,am I right.”Diruda stared at the fireworks,Said with dangerous eyes in his eyes,“If you don’t want the Hyuga family to lose their next patriarch,,Don’t hinder me,Did you hear that,Hyuga Fireworks。”

“Humph,how can that be possible,I happen to be back to Konoha,Then I’ll catch you and go back together。”
Hyuga Huahuo said,One side puts out a soft fist starting position。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven
“Oh,is it,You guy is really unpleasant,Be careful I kill you。”
Diruda looked at the Hyuga Fireworks and said。
Hyuga Huahuo responded with a mocking expression:“is it,Maybe it’s because women are jealous compared to their beautiful women.。”
The wind blew through the middle of the two, making a rustling sound。
Diruda takes the lead and launches the attack first,This is not the mistake of Hyuga Hanahuo,It’s because the Hyuga family’s soft fist is a more suitable physical technique for backhand.。
Dyruda’s long legs turned into afterimages,Keep kicking and kicking the Hyuga Fireworks。
Under the coordination of the body,Hyuga Fireworks continues to dodge,Finally seize a chance,Holds Dyruda’s kick,But the powerful impact still forced Hyuga Kahuo to take a step back。
Hyuga Kazuo’s blood vessels bulge next to his eyes。
“Soft fist,Eight Diagrams Sixty Four Palms!”
Actually,The Hyuga family can be said to be a sports family,The fighting style of the Hyuga family also uses their special acupuncture skills to seal the opponent’s acupoints.,Obstructing the flow of opponent Chakra,Force your opponent to fight yourself in the field of physical skills you are good at。
Hyuga Fireworks is exactly the idea。
With the help of Baiyan,Hyuga Fireworks can clearly see the flow nodes of Chakra in Diluda’s body。