“Do not……Not reported!”

Meizi blushed immediately,She grows up,It’s the first time I was molested by someone so upright.,And the one who molested her was actually a girl about her age!
“Don’t report it?OK then,Xiaoxue and I sleep with you at night。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a faint smile,Then turned around and sat back in his seat。
“She and Xiaoxue are going to sleep with me?what does it mean?”
Meizi turned her face confused and asked Swallow quietly。
“Ugh……You are miserable tonight,Ask for your blessing。”
Swallow sighed and smiled。
“what!What will they do to me?”
Meizi immediately panicked!I can’t wait to see Yanzi and ask。
“You’ll know this then。”Swallow gloats……The girls in the Rose Legion are almost all joined by Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue“measuring”Over bust,Including the swallow, failed to escape the claws of these two little girls!Meizi has just become a dragon soul fighter,Just joined the Rose Army,So let her pass
This scene“Bar Mitzvah”Just right,So that a bowl of water can be leveled,Can be fair and just!
The key is that the swallow can feel his mental balance……
“Then I don’t want to sleep with them!”
Meizi immediately shook her head and said。
“This one……I’m afraid I can’t help you。”
Yanzi said so deeply。
“……”Plum is speechless,She suddenly felt like“future”It’s dark!
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