At least not start a picture,Content depends on editing。

of course,The credibility of this local online media is certainly not comparable to those of the national prefix。
If you are destined to become famous,From the perspective of psychology,Wang Yufei doesn’t mind letting the public know him first,Even he doesn’t mind to brag about his achievements unhumbly first。
After all, the Internet has memories。
When netizens become interested in a person,Naturally, he will pull out all the previous news on the Internet。
Even what companies this person has started,Which company’s legal person,Have you ever fought a lawsuit?,These are all handy information。
Instead of waiting until that time,Everyone went to collect his information,Passively push him to a very high position,It’s better for him to expose it himself。
From a psychological point of view,Waiting for a bunch of passersby to blow him up,It will only make his reputation spread more widely and lasting,Provoked a bunch of fucking!
But if he blows himself up。
Hemp egg……
Who are you?
I fuck!