Zhang Muyang spit in the distance,This slut,Dare to leave so many hams for Xiaoying,Goods that value color and light friends。

Several villages around,These three are the only ones who keep the sheep。Modern people think of blue sky and white clouds、Grass green,With a little poetic and picturesque association,in fact,Herding sheep is very hard work。After hard work,Like a small shadow、Zhang Muyang like this,boy,Zhang Qingguo is willing to participate in the game。
The three are already familiar with each other,With the addition of Xiaoying,Time flies much faster,Classmate Zhang Qingguo Pidian Pidian ran around, chasing sheep and mowing,Follow Xiaoying and keep busy,no way,Beautiful in my heart。
Men and women match,Not tired from work,Nothing wrong with the old saying。
Sunset,Each back to each。I saw a few people dangling at the entrance of the village,He recognized Wuyue’s not-so-big figure immediately。
Zhang Muyang’s little heart is beating,Turn to be calm,At my door,Afraid of,Isn’t it just a few fish?,What’s the big deal。
May is not like waiting for him,Watch Zhang Muyang come over,Beckoned to stop him。“Child,Can swim?”“meeting,Fools won’t。”“Looks good at water,Did you go to the river to do bad things at noon today??”“No,Who dare?”“Then how do i look like you?You are the one who steals fish in the river at noon today,I watched you run away,Hehe,Do you think you can run away?”
“Don’t make trouble,Who would dare to steal from the Yellow River Little White Dragon in these three villages?,I don’t dare to lend me a hundred courage。”
“Whose kids are so familiar,I saw you stole it,You see you blushing,I knew I was lying。go,Go to your house, I’ll talk to your father about this?”
May is not so sure,It just feels like,The characteristics of rural children are not so obvious from a distance,He still wants to cheat him,I blew several villages this afternoon,There are not many children of the same size in each village。
Zhang Muyang doesn’t think so,Seems to recognize it,Made up my mind not to admit it,who cares?
Zhang Muyang won’t leave,“What are you doing in my house??Children are so bully?”
May look,Kid is pretty,The temper is up too,My little Bailong doesn’t seem to be famous,Even a child can’t help。Slanted and glanced at a few half-and-half children around,“Let you come to eat shit?So insightful。”
Two boys come up immediately,One on each side,This twisted Zhang Muyang’s arms。Zhang Muyang is struggling,Yelling in a hurry:“Little white dragon, I fuck your ancestor,Do you dare to move me, I went to your house in the middle of the night and killed your whole family。”
Slowly surrounded by people,I started talking in May,Every time I come out to find something,Find the excuse first,On the side of reason:“This kid stole my fish,Folks in our village,I don’t do anything else,I have to talk to his parents,Discipline and discipline the children for him。”
This is the number of routes that worked in May,I’m looking for something if nothing,You can squeeze a soft persimmon,And beg for money,It doesn’t matter if you stole it,I said it was you,Moreover,After searching for a long time, it looks a bit like this,not to mention,It’s dark,How much wrong a few wine money,My belly is still empty。
There are too many people talking,People in the village come out to intercede,Useless,My little Bailong doesn’t eat this set,Find Zhang Muyang’s house and go in。
Zhang Muyang’s father just put down his table in the yard,Ready to start。Seeing these people come in, they were taken aback,Seeing Maye pulling Zhang Muyang’s arm,My face droops after a brush。Ask what’s going on,Suddenly understood,Pulled Zhang Muyang:“Yangzi,You stole it?You stole it and gave it back,It’s not your dad who stole it。”
“I didn’t steal,They lied to me。”
“See,Kid didn’t steal,What do you mean by bullying my child??Bullied to the door。”