Qin Liang continued to play idiots,to him,Playing tricks against Liu Xiaoyun will definitely not win,But if you deal with Shen Ruoxi,That’s still a chance to win,Confident。

“Hahahaha……Do you think you are a chicken stewed in a pot?Still a while old and a while not old!”
Shen Ruoxi hasn’t had time to speak yet,Murong Shan was amused first,She teased Qin Liang and said。
“Are you hungry?Still slanderous?I just said I want to stew turtles and monkeys,I’m going to stew chicken again in a while?How hungry your child is?Haven’t eaten a few meals?Talk to uncle,Uncle will buy you a steamed bun。”
Qin Liang immediately talked a lot!Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan are stupid,He looked at him blankly and didn’t know what to say……
“Brother-in-law,You are too much!If I didn’t speak, you deliberately bullied my two sisters forever, right??”Liu Xiaoyun can’t stand it anymore,The decisive road sees unevenness,Drew a knife to help!
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One thousand eight hundred and forty-nine chapters Beautiful cleaner
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“I have a hasty!How can i have?Obviously your sister is going to stew me up, OK??You are too partial here, right?”
Qin Liang deliberately protested loudly!
“Nonsense!Don’t frame my sister,When did my sister say she would stew you??Obviously you are messing around there。”
Liu Xiaoyun is not Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan,On Kung Fu,She has never been afraid of anyone。
“It’s irrational!You stinky girls bully our boys,Deliberately oppress us by ganging up!I’m going to the Women’s Federation to sue you later!Humph!”
Qin Liang refused to accept a hundred,Two hundred unhappy screams。
“You forgot to take medicine when you woke up in the morning?The tail was trampled on?Why are you so alive and kicking??”
Shen Ruoxi finally came back,You can still attack Qin Liang。
“Because i am happy!The monkey will be apprehended in a while,Aren’t you happy?”
Qin Liang cleverly found a reasonable excuse for his mischief,And it’s still a hard excuse to refute。