Although he said how to get permission is his own business,But Li Ziqiang couldn’t help being curious:“How do you convince your family?”

“That one……I said I would come to school to recite words,Too noisy at home,Can’t calm down。The soundproofing effect of our community is indeed extremely poor,It gets very noisy every day at five or six o’clock,I can hear the sound of water and ignition when making breakfast in the opposite building……”Hu Lai explained。“coach,let us start?”
He looks eager to try。
Before going out today,He already put that【Powerful Smart Potion】Redeemed,Then secretly convinced,Now the potion has taken effect,Waiting to improve the training effect。
“You warm up first。”Li Ziqiang waved,Then grab a stack of sign bowls and walk towards the front of the penalty area。
When Hu Lai warmed up and returned to Li Ziqiang,He has placed all the sign bowls。
Those yellow sign bowls are upside down on the turf,Formed a5×5Square area。
“From the side next to me,Clockwise direction,The four sides of this circle are one、two、three、four。”Li Ziqiang pointed to the surroundings of the square area composed of four marked bowls and said to Hu Lai。
“Remember the order of these four sides,Clockwise,One、two、three、four。”He repeated it again,Then look at Hu Lai。
Hu Lai nodded:“remember,coach。”
“it is good,Next, watch me demonstrate。”
After talking about Li Ziqiang ran into this square area from the sideline of No. 1,Then turned around and ran out from the second sideline,Turn back and run back from the second sideline,Rushed out from the opposite sideline on the fourth side。Continue to turn back,And went into the circle from the 4th sideline,And then change direction from the third performance out of this square area。
“When running out,I will pass the football to you,You have to catch the ball,Then finish the shot。It takes football to score a goal.。have you understood?”
Hu Lai:“understood,coach。”