The right steps for skincare at night

The right steps for skincare at night

For women, skincare is a very important thing.

Many women will ask how to achieve the best results with beauty skin care.

What are the methods of beauty skin care?

In fact, skin care at night is more important than skin care during the day.

So what are the correct steps for skin care at night?

  The correct steps for skincare at night. Makeup removal and thorough cleaning. After a busy day of work, the skin is also suffocated with heavy makeup, and you must clean it thoroughly when you arrive.

Make sure to remove your makeup as soon as possible after you go home to ensure that the skin is completely restored to its original state before going to bed, creating an open space for the skin to repair itself.

  After removing the heavy makeup, wipe the skin with lotion and adjust the pH of the skin in time. However, it is not suitable to use a lotion with moisturizing or alcohol content.

  Regular facial masks can improve the skin condition very well, and it is the best time to apply the mask before going to bed at night.

Clean the mask before applying it, and do not apply any skin care products. Do daily care after finishing the mask.

Pay attention when applying the mask, you only need to do the mask regularly, not every day.

Otherwise, the skin is too delicate and more likely to cause skin diseases.

  Apply lotion or beauty lotion in order to ensure long-term health of the skin. Apply lotion or beauty lotion before going to bed, but this skin care product should not be used too early, because it will gradually lose its ability to oil and cause aging.

Therefore, it is best to develop natural beauty in the early stage. Try to shift the age of cosmetics and various skin care products backward.

  What to pay attention to at night skin care: At night is the golden time for skin repair!

  Night is the most active period of human skin cells. At this time, it is most suitable for supplementing moisture and nutrition. Therefore, after doing a thorough skin cleansing every day, first apply moisturizing water with good moisturizing function.

How to use it, be sure to pat it gently. This will help the face absorb moisture well and activate the sleeping cells on the face. The key is to repair the eyes. This is the most important thing for women in their 30s.Anti-aging toxicity.

  Note 2: Skin care at night is actually the skin care of women around 30 years old. The most important thing is “evening skin care”. Like many successful people, their success is to respond to “time, location, and harmony”.The best, the most practical and simple way, and the skin care products that are most suitable for your skin care. At the best time for the skin to be most suitable for nutrient absorption, grasp these three points to carry out skin repair and maintenance. The effect will be is good.

  If you want to do something, you will be young forever. Even if you are 30 or 40 years old, you still have a young beauty. You wo n’t be foolish in dreams. Imagine that a woman can be 20 years younger, and your life will be20 years more exciting, this life will have quality!

  Note 3: The most important age of anti-aging eye repair is the eye, so if you want to be 20 years younger, you have to take care of your eyes.

Eye serum, the best ingredients are pure plant anti-aging essence, water quality, do not worry about annoying aunty grains caused by too much oil.

Gently pat it, and then put on the three-point-double-head snake wrinkle patch that can repair the eyes and forehead for a whole night before going to sleep. This method is very useful for removing wrinkles and preventing aging.

  Note 4: Skin repair care skin at night. After cleansing, pat water and eye essence. After the skin is still moist, apply the moisturizing lotion. Remember, the main points of skin care must be patted gently.Until it is completely absorbed, the method must be correctly patted and massaged upwards according to the texture of the skin, because human skin will change the gravity, gradually change over the years, forming overlap and aging phenomenon, so whether it is cleansing or applying lotion,You have to pat up and massage along the skin texture, so that after a simple nursing procedure, you can sleep peacefully.

  These methods of super skin care and serious cleansing make the skin moist and delicate and clean. It is also the top priority to prevent wrinkles.

Due to the harsh external environment, a lot of exhaust gas and dust are easily attached to the skin, and the radiation of the computer screen is also a major hidden danger.

These dirty things will make the skin lose its essential elasticity and easily grow wrinkles.

Therefore, you must pay attention to cleansing, you can use appropriate cleansing products of your own skin to clean the skin.

During the cleaning process, a steam meter can also be used to achieve the purpose of moist contours to expand pores.

  Multi-purpose acrylic cosmetic products from vitamin C whitening, vitamin E antioxidant and aging, and the most popular vitamin A derivatives, these can make the skin fresher and brighter.

Therefore, you should always choose to apply nutritional creams suitable for different vitamins to give skin a rich nutrition.

  After exfoliating the skin, add massage to lighten the wrinkle lines. If the skin is thickened and thickened, it will definitely affect the appearance and wrinkles are easy to appear.

So exfoliating is also a key step in anti-wrinkle.

In the skin care process, it is necessary to add a cosmetic massage of the skin and hot compress to lighten the lines of the skin wrinkles and ensure that the skin care products penetrate better to improve the overall skin condition.

  Focus on maintaining the eyes. Watching novels for a long time, playing computer on the Internet, watching Korean dramas staying up late, carnival all night long, happy and happy, but the most suffering is the eyes.

Under normal circumstances, excessive eye fatigue easily causes wrinkles around the eyes, and dark circles, bags under the eyes, and puffiness appear.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the eye massage and apply eye cream to relieve fatigue and provide nutrition for the eyes.

  The anti-wrinkle horns are mostly ruthless for years to prevent and maintain. It always leaves ruthless wrinkles on people’s foreheads, corners of the eyes, lips, etc.

And generally speaking, once these wrinkles appear, it is difficult to remove them even if you redouble your efforts. Therefore, you should pay attention to using anti-wrinkle cosmetics in these areas before wrinkles occur. In particular, you should choose preventive eye cream and eye makeup remover.To prevent the first wrinkles.  When applying makeup, remember to protect vulnerable lips. Lips do not have sebaceous glands that secrete oil like normal skin to maintain correction. At the same time, lips are part of the mucosa and contain only a small amount of melanin, which is not enough to prevent sun damage.

Therefore, the lips are also extremely vulnerable to the damage caused by environmental pollution, which makes the lips dry, cracked and wrinkled.

  At this time, in addition to remembering to always apply lip balm containing sunscreen factors, remember to protect your lips when applying makeup.

Lipstick or lip gloss with saturated moisturizing ingredients or sunscreen ingredients is recommended.

  Conclusion: If a woman wants to have the favor of a man, she must not be embarrassed about her face.

As the saying goes, there is a return on investment.

A woman’s skin is the second face of a woman, so every woman should pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, so that your life will be smoother and smoother.