Should I choose a shower gel for my baby?

Should I choose a shower gel for my baby?

The delicate skin of babies needs the care of mothers, especially in the environment with severe air pollution and ultraviolet burning.

An important part of skin care is washing and bathing your baby. Different bath products have different formulas, but these formulas are all mild, natural and can protect the tender skin.

  At present, the main choices are bath essence, bath milk, enzyme, and soap. They are products specially designed for infants and young children, which can better protect the baby’s skin.

When buying cleaning bath products for your children, choose bath products without hindering your preferences.

But first of all, you need to understand which of the various products on the market are the most suitable for your needs.

Children of different ages have different needs for bath products. Newborn newborns have less activity and only need to be cleaned a little; when they become larger and have a little more activity, they add sweating and air pollution.Therefore, it is necessary to choose bath products caused by the cleaning effect.

  Pay attention to the following when purchasing bath products: 1. Manufacturer credit: Generally speaking, it is safer to choose bath products with a good brand and good reputation.

Ask the experienced elders, relatives and friends in advance, and you can find more reliable brands from their recommendations.

  2, complete packaging: before buying bath products, you must carefully check whether the product packaging is complete and there is no damage or deterioration.

In terms of enzymes, be sure to ensure that the packaging container is intact when purchasing, because enzymes are most afraid of binding with air or deterioration.

For example, when the enzyme should be green but red, it cannot be used, so you cannot buy it.

  3. Designed for infants and young children: Because the skin of an infant is different from that of an adult, never use adult bath products to clean the baby to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

Similarly, when purchasing baby bath products, be sure to identify products such as “designed for babies”, because these products are specifically tested for infant skin, and the quality is guaranteed.