Hundred battle chart。

These words fall into the ear,There is an surprise that some of them is surprised.,Perspective to stare at the strip of the box。
Those who don’t know the truth will immediately use the people around you.。
Happy,The most mysterious one in the contemporary domestic books,It is one of the top calligraphy.。
His work,Will be inscribed,Single and love you deeply,Many people want to have a discouragement。
Only occasionally in a large auction,Will fall to one or two works,Every time you are auctioned。
In fact,Really let everyone become like,Not the content of the painting and calligraphy,But the master of Xiaoyao……inscription。
Because of his calligraphy,Rumor has surpassed ancient and modern,Reached the realm of the road。
It’s amazing.,From the 遥 子,Never some people have seen himself,Until now,No one knows that he is life.,Is male is a woman。
In short,He is so mysteriously disappeared.。And the old road,Once speech in public,His calligraphy,It is completely the inscriptions of Linyi and learning Xiaoyao Masters.,So the world’s heavy gold。
NS334chapter No zuo, no die
Some complexity between the old look,Open the box,Inside the groove,An An quiet lying on a light yellow scroll。
All people nearby will also concentrate on,The eyebrows have a little curious。
The road did not pick up the reel immediately,But slowly leaving the post,Deep smelling。
“Sure enough, Zhu sandpaper’s taste。”
His face is coming,Immediately explained a sentence,“Xiaoyao master painted with paper,Not usually used,But participate in special paper with cinnabar。Golden friends,You have a heart。”
“hehe,Road, you are welcome.。”
Jin Youlong smiled,The cheeks are joyless。
He doesn’t know painting and calligraphy,For Xiaoyaozi is just a hear,But it doesn’t affect the way to attract the road.。
Actually, it is nothing.,Most people present in the event。
These people every day light red wine,joy of spring,Where can calm down to contact painting and understand those masters。
certainly,There are also several exceptions.。
Zhao Qiushui specializes in calligraphy,I can’t help but squeeze it in front.,Watching the old one fell by the road。
In a complex eyes,Road veteran,Then unlocked,Finally, be careful of the wing.。
This is a pair of paintings。
painting and calligraphy,Is the collectiveness of painting and calligraphy,It is the crystallization created by the ancients.,Poetry in the picture,Poetry,This truth。
Painting reflects the author’s strong emotions and ideas,And calligraphy is the meaning and artistic conception of painting.。
This picture is a hundred waves,It is very simple to picture,Is a vast battlefield。
Sknate,Beautiful and beautiful。
In the earth,But it is full of blood and fire,North and South two armies,Half of blood,The ground is full of residual limbs,Each of the will have a blood。
Front view of the two armies,It is a certain point,There is also a heavyweight,The military soldiers of the battlefield constantly sword,Sword。
Didn’t see this picture,Many people don’t think,Even if it is a famous family?。
But when this picture is really unfolding,When the field is suddenly quiet。
Some paintings are so magical,Will make people confine,That kind of richness that I am invincible is extremely tragic.。
Just look at your eyes,People seem to feel the 戈 马 的,Weapon collision,Interleaving, shouting。