But I still didn’t wipe it all up,Instead, I chose a scar in the corner to wipe,See if it works。

It turned out to be so exciting!I applied it twice sooner or later,Wake up early the next morning,This scar has faded by more than 80%!
Then I have insisted on wiping all morning and evening,After each wipe,The painful and itchy sensation disappeared a lot,At least I can fall asleep at night。
Since yesterday morning,All the burns on my face,All started to scar,When the nurse came to change my dressing this morning,I was very surprised and said I got better very fast。
The doctor said during the round,According to this situation,At most one or two months,All my burns can fall off!
But they don’t know,I didn’t use their medicine at all!According to the current situation,Up to one or two weeks,These burn scars,Can heal completely!
At that time,I just have to rest for two or three months,You can go to Tai Chi country for surgery,Never be afraid of others laughing at me!
Wushuang,do you know,I really appreciate you!You are the savior in my life!I don’t know how to thank you,Woo……”
Watching Bao Chenjing cry,With her face,It’s really ugly。
But Bai Wushuang didn’t dislike it,She knows what hardships and psychological struggles this poor woman has experienced all this time。
Fortunately, the Yingyue ointment that Shen Huan took has such a good effect,Otherwise, maybe we will see a worse tragedy。
She started thinking about it instead。
Yingyue Ointment,It only has skin care and skin improvement effects on weekdays,How can it have a good effect on such a serious wound?
Do you want to analyze the composition of this ointment?,So as to help those who suffer burns and scalds in the future,Relieve pain?
But immediately Bai Wushuang dismissed the idea again。