Of course, Haoran Culture Company has raised the endorsement fee to another level。

Accept it,Disagree。
In addition to advertising endorsements,Fang Hao received variety show invitations from several TV stations,Are all first-line TV variety shows。
Not a permanent guest,It’s the kind of show。
Fang Hao pick and choose,Finally agreed to participate in a popular variety show on TV,The appearance fee is very cheap,Slightly equal to nothing,The condition is that another highly-popular variety show on that satellite TV invites Qu Waner to do a show.。
The ratings of those two variety shows are quite high,Appearance fees are very low,Just mean,It is not easy to participate,People are not necessarily willing to post money。
For Qu Wan’er,Is a rare resource。
Chapter Four One study well
After Qu Waner signed the contract with Haoran Culture Company,Fang Hao has already given orders to Wang Xiaochun,She must arrange a first-line TV show for Qu Wan’er within a month。
Must ensure a little exposure,So as to maintain their popularity。
Wang Xiaochun reluctantly accepted the order,Start operation。
I just haven’t waited until she works well,Fang Hao uses his influence,Get Qu Wan’er a better resource by packaging。
His influence comes from the sales data of his e-books。
Although everyone knows that this data is brushed out by his stunted fans,But it can let the brain fans brush out this data,This in itself is a proof of strength。