The hidden magic net exit,With a beautiful face but exhausted, Stella Goosa finally walked out of the maze of underground passages。

that moment,Stella Goosa looked at the sun in the sky and produced a sense of emptiness like vicissitudes of life。
She fell on her knees and stretched out her hands to look up at the sky,Made a silent cry。
“I want to eat meat!”
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First674chapter Hungry for a Thousand Miles
It’s time for the dragon knowledge lecture。
Please prepare paper, pen and mobile phone silently shut down,Otherwise SamsungNOTE7Transfiguration Serve。
(Knock on blackboard)
There are not many native species on Azeroth,There is less interference from natural evolution。
Among them, there are basically two that develop wisdom。
Primitive trolls and ancestor dragons。
The topic about trolls is too big,Today I will mainly talk about the evolution of the ancestor dragon。
Well known,In the process of fighting against Galakrond who was fascinated by the ancient gods,Today’s five dragon kings are favored by Titans,Only now has the five-color dragon。